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Fuck it like its hot 2 #908


Nina is my sister in law. She had gotten a boob job and lost a lot of weight recently. When she was heavier she never tried to attract guys with her attitude or wardrobe. She was pretty much a loner and didn�t make friends well. But now that she has this hot body she has been getting a lot of looks from guys. They try and talk to her but she still sees herself as that fat ugly girl and basically ends up ignoring all guys advances so she won�t get hurt. I�ve noticed she just needs a guy to take her of balance and have their way with her, and then maybe she�ll come around.

Every time I see Nina now I can�t take my eyes off her tits. They are perfectly shaped and I always imagine holding and sucking them. I hear my wife and her sisters talking about her tits all the time. They go into the other room so I can�t see and look for scars or other imperfections.

We were having a family picnic at our house and just finished eating. Nina now feels the need to exercise after we eat to keep the weight off and I offered to hike a trail behind my house with her. We were exchanging small talk and I would try and catch a glimpse of her tits. I was watching them rise and fall with each step and wondered if her tits would get hard. Then I realized she saw me checking her out. I paused and deiced I should go for it. What do I have to loose.

�Can I see you tits�? I asked. She paused wondering if she heard me right. �Can I see how they came out? They seem really nice. I just want to see if they really are or not.�

�I can�t believe you are asking me that. I am your wife�s sister.� Nina wasn�t sure how to react. I saw her searching with her eyes for clues and then I could see her nipples hardening through her shirt.

�O come on. I just think you are a beautiful woman and I wanted to see how the surgery went.�

Nina looked around, �What if someone walks by?�

�Don�t worry about it. We�ve been out here all day and haven�t seen hardly anyone.�

�Ok fine� but don�t tell anyone. My sisters give me enough shit as it is about my tits and how guys are coming on to me.� She took one last look around and accepted were all alone. Then she reached down to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head revealing her black lacy bra. I could see the darkness of her nipples below and how they were pushing through the bra. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra and let it fall to the ground. She reached up to lift her breasts and let them fall again to feel comfortable.

Seeing Nina topless was amazing. Her tits were a perfect D. She was uncomfortable and was looking around. I stared at her tits and had to touch them. I walked forward and reached up, placing my hands above her nipples and glided them down, feeling her erect nipple run up my palms. I leaned in to suck her left breast.

�What are you doing? I thought you just wanted to look?�

�I want to see if they taste normal. Hold on.� She began to pull away and I reached around her back to hold her in place. I put her tit in my mouth and sucked and rolled my tongue over and gave a nibble. I worked her tit until she stopped trying to pull away. By then she was red and swollen. Then I moved to her other tit. She just stood there and moaned and started to run her hands through my hair.

�Let me take your picture. You look amazing and you should always remember how you look today.� I said. Nina stood there speechless but didn�t object. I took lots of pictures of her tits, putting her in poses with her tits dangling. Each time I posed her I would squeeze her breasts and she seemed not to mind. �Ok that was awesome. Now take off you pants.�

�Want you got to be kidding. No way.�

�Come on. We�ve done this much, lets finish taking the pictures. Lets to it right.� I said hoping she�d go for it.

�Ok. But no funny business.� She unzipped and pulled off her pants showing her pink thong. She willingly pulled that off to showing her hairy muff. I grabbed all her clothes and moved them by a tree behind me. She was completely naked and defenseless I felt like she was all mine and I could do what ever I wanted with her. I began taking pictures. At first the pictures were classy but then I had her spread her legs. I began running my hand across her cunt between the pics. She didn�t complain. If she let me go that far I wondered how far she would let me go. I kneeled down in between her legs, lowered my head and stared at her cunt. I examined the her slit until she got uncomfortable.

�What�s wrong?� she said.

�Nothing at all.� I lowered my face into her cunt and rolled my face side to side trying to open her pussy lips to my mouth.

�What are you doing?!?� she yelled and tried to back away. I reached around her back and forced my face into her cunt. I used my tongue and probed for her clit. �I�m your sister-in-law! You can�t do this.� I found her clit and began sucking on it, rolling it around with my tongue. �O god!� she cried out. Her fighting slowed and she started rocking her waist with my face, moaning the whole time. I worked her cunt with my tongue for about 10 minutes and she before she started to tense up and then I could taste her cum. Then she went limp and sighed.

I reached down, unbuckled my pants and reached down to pull my dick out.

�What are you doing?� Nina was still sitting there with her cum oozing and running down to her ass crack. Her tits point up to the sky and her face looking at me in between them.

�What? I made you cum, now you make me cum.� I pulled out my dick that was hard as a rock showing it to Nina. �Come on Nina, it�s only fair. You enjoyed it.� I stood up in front of her and she got on her knees. �This is crap you fucking pervert. I can�t believe you are making me do this. This wasn�t even my�� I got tired of her talking and put my cock in her mouth. I was watching my dick go into her face over and over. I started taking more pictures and she didn�t stop. She looked up and made eye contact. I reached down and grabbed the back of her head and started pumping. I saw her eyes bulge and she was mumbling, trying to say something. I could feel my load build. I thought of all the family dinners I have had with her when she wouldn�t stop talking and how I fantasized about sticking my dick in her mouth to shut her up. I was looking in her eyes as my balls were ready to explode and I started to cum. I wanted to see how she would react to my cum in her mouth and I kept pumping. It took a few seconds before I Nina reacted. I was filling up her mouth with each blow and cum was starting to ooze out of her mouth and down her chin. I could see her eyes grow wide and she tried to open her mouth wider for air, letting more cum and saliva ooze out and down to her tits. �Swallow it.� I want to be inside of you. I want to be in your stomach. Swallow me.� Nina�s eyes bulged again at what I said and she hesitated. I could see her swallow once, twice and then three times. She sucked on my dick hard one, two, then three times, pulling out a bit more cum directly from my balls and swallowed that too. �That�s a good girl.� I said and laid on the ground pulling her next to me.

We were silent for a long time. I had my arm around her and was stroking her nipple. I had been thinking of how I had taken her and she let me. I looked over at her and saw she was wearing my cum on her mouth and chest with pride. She must have liked being taken and I started to get hard again. I thought of how my cum was in her stomach, but that just made me want to give her more. �We should go.� She said. �They�ll be wondering what happened.�

�Sure.� I said but didn�t want it to end. As she was getting up, her back was to me and I could see line of her cunt and how wet it still was. I jumped behind her and pushed her forward putting her in the doggy style position. I aligned my dick to her cunt and could feel her wetness with the tip of my dick.�

�No. Don�t. Don�t fuck me. That�s too far. Oral is one thing but not that.�

And then I forced myself into her. I grabbed her by the waist and started pounding my dick into her. �No. Stop�. Please, stop� she said, but stopped complaining after awhile. I reached up to feel her breasts as I pumped her. �O god� I can�t believe you are fucking me� is this really happening? O god� this is so bad.�

�I am in your stomach and I want to be in your cunt. O god you feel fucking good Nina.� She was extremely wet and her juices were running down her leg.

�Just hurry up and cum already. Please.� She begged and I was pumping her and feeling her tits. I leaned forward and kissed her neck. She turned and we kissed passionately. I rolled under her keeping my dick in place and pumped her from below with my hands still on her tits. We found a slow rhythm and I could tell she was fucking me back. Seeing the look of lust and passion on her face was amazing. I reached over and took a few more pictures. Eventually I stopped moving and let her ride me. She used a slow hypnotic rhythm that prevented me from cumming.

*Ring* My phone went off and it was her mom calling. I thought to answer but instead gave to the phone to Nina. She didn�t want to take it but I insisted. �Uhhh� Hello?� she said, her voice was trembling. She tried to get up but I held her in place with my cock inside her. She gave me an evil look and thrust my dick deep inside her and she moaned aloud and I am sure her mom heard. She paused a moment. �O nothing mom, I am just having some stomach cramps.� I smiled and pumped her again. She looked at me and then she looked away regaining her composure. They started talking about the days plans. She looked as I always see her. She didn�t look like she was in the middle of sex, with my dick in her, she was having a normal conversation, like I wasn�t there. I watched her talk for a few minutes enjoying that my dick was still inside her and she had seemed to have forgotten. Then I started slowly pumping her from below and she tried to ignore me. I leaned up and sucked her tits. I started pumping her faster and I could hear her having trouble on the phone. She tried to slowly fuck me back, hoping if is was slow enough I would stop and she could talk. I smiled and grabbed her waist and got into a moderate rhythm and randomly pumped her hard making her moan loudly. �No nothing mom. It�s my stomach.� I pumped her hard again. �Uhhh�. O no I don�t need to see a doctor mom really. I really should go.� With that I was frantically fucking her trying to cum before the call ended. �No really mmmmoommmm.� Ninas cunt clamped around my dick and I could fell her explode on me. �Uhhhhhhhh�..� she yelled which sent me over the edge. I grabbed her waist hard and shot load after load into her. �O god� mom I have to go. Ok� love you too. Bye now.� Nina looked at me like I was the devil and I gave her a long passionate kiss.

As I started to get up I felt her juices and my cum on my flaccid dick. Nina was half way up when I said �Hold on. Your cunt juice is all over me. You gotta clean it off. No one can find out and there is no bathroom.� I stuck my limp dick in Nina�s face. She was silent for a second and then took all of me in side her mouth. She rolled my dick over and under her tongue. She sucked on it hard pulling blood into it. She sucked and licked the cum and cunt juice off my balls and looked up at me seeking approval.

�Can we go now?� she asked causing my dick to fall out of her mouth. I could tell she wouldn�t move until I answered. She just looked at me for permission to get up.

�Yeah� � I watched her put her clothes back on, memorizing the moment as she covered her cunt and then her tits. �And by the way, your tits feel nice, but I may have to check again to be sure nothing has changed.�

She stopped and gave me a smile. We walked back to the others like nothing had happened.

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Fuck it like its hot 2 #757


in the morning as usual dressed only in a pair of silky, green, ladies knickers. Extra big to give a generous room for my penis that had the tendency to get stiff quite often in those days because I had not been shooting for a couple of weeks. I did some morning gymnastics and this was enough to give me a real hard on. Just by curiosity I opened a door that I had not seen the night before. There was a full glass behind and..... there was a young woman just starting to move in the bed in the other room. My first impulse was to quickly close the door but then it went through my mind that it was a one-way mirror and that the manager used to put the most sexy girls in that other room and then having a good time to watch them. Perfect indeed to be behind a mirror where these women used the mirror on the other side to dress and undress and do whatever. So I decided to leave the door open and enjoy what ever I should be able to see. My hard on was very excited and stood magnificently straight out inside the knickers and giving a dot of precum at the top showing through the thin fabric.

I did not need to wait long before the beautiful creature in the room went out of bed, dressed only in a short baby doll pyjamas with no panties. She started to dance around the room probably to some music that I could not hear and now and then coming up in front of the mirror and I got a feeling that she was looking strait at me but, of course, she just saw herself in the mirror. I could not help to back a little at first but then I stayed just in front of the glass and getting very horny of what I saw I started to stroke my cock slowly from outside my silky outfit. What a morning!!

After her dancing she took off the baby doll and was stark naked. It was a wonderful sight to see this brunette with firm brests, slim figure and a full bush where I could see her cunt in front of me when she stretch herself in front of the mirror with her arms up. I started to feel how my precum made my knickers wet and some drops came on the floor. She now put an armchair in front of the mirror and sat down and started to play with her tits and the pussy just a meter from me. I took a chair in my room and put it opposite hers. I sat down and leaned back precisely as she did. We were like real mirror pictures only with the big difference that I had my big, wet cock standing up in front and she had her, as I now could see, wet pussy. It was a fantastic feeling to see her look into her own eyes, giving me the feeling that she looked into mine. The same when she looked down on her pussy in the mirror I got a feeling that she looked at my cock. The feeling got me to feel so horny that my two weeks cum was on the way.

She took a good time to play with her nipples, which seemed to make her very horny because she started to move her legs against each other and making fucking movements with her ass. What a sight! I now had to calm down and hold back my cock from bursting. Then it was time for her to start massaging her clit. Slowly on the outside first but soon she got her finger deep in and starting to fuck herself hard. I saw her mouth move so I imagined some horny sound s coming from her lips. Faster and faster she worked her pussy and so did I with my cock and.... there we were coming at the same time.

She raised up and moved her chair back and so did I. Then I stood with my cock gradually relaxing in my green knickers with a big spot from my cum. She went to the closet and took out her dress, which only consisted of a half-see-through blouse and a very short skirt. She put her clothes on and finished with putting a pair of high heel shoes on her feet. After putting a few things in a small shoulder bag she came up to the mirror. Ok, I thought, she just want to have a last look on herself before going out, but.... Guess what..... She looked me straight in my eyes and blew me a kiss, gave me a naughty smile and went out through her door.

I was standing like a sheep for well a minute in my green, wet knickers and a hard on totally gone. I realised that it was not a one-way mirror. It was just a glass and she had seen me the whole time but letting me believe that it was a mirror on her side. What a foxy woman. She gave me many wet dreams for a long time to come and had my penis to produce big loads of cum in my knickers of the night. Later, when I stayed in this hotel, I tried to get the same room, but when I managed, the door was always locked.

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Fuck it like its hot 2 #801


Getting away for the weekend was the best idea yet. I needed to get away and sort some things out. I thought I was straight and only wanted a man to use me for his sexual pleasure. I loved a man taking me roughly and demanding I take the position for use but now my head is confused.

I am sitting out on the patio of the room I have taken at the beach. I told everyone I just needed to get away and sort things out. I don�t know who I answer to any longer sexually. I am only submissive sexually and now I am confused.

Tammy and I had been friends for so long and I always thought it was strange as cute as she is that she did not have a boyfriend. Some women have been burned so badly by a man that they can�t be with one without the horrors resurfacing. I think that is what happened to Tammy.

I shared my choice in men to use me and dominate me and she said she did not agree with that. She preferred to be the dominating one in a relationship. I assumed she meant a man woman relationship.

We were going to do some hanging out and I told her I would cook dinner for us. When she came into my place I told her to make herself comfortable I was just checking on the meal. It would be done in about an hour. I had decided to make a pot roast with everything in one pot and the potatoes were taking their sweet time at cooking I told her.

She had gone up to the bedroom and so I went up after her. She must want to see the new stuff I had hung on the wall up there. As I rounded the corner from the stairs she was standing there waiting for me. She had a paddle in one hand and was dressed in a sheer robe.

�What are you doing?� I ask.

�Playing the role of dominatrix and you will be my submissive.�

�Hey, I did not know you were into this stuff. I usually prefer a man dominating me. Did you invite someone over that will dominate me and let you dominate them,� I asked innocently.

�Strip down to nothing and go lay on the bed, face down,� she said rather sternly.

I without thinking fell into submission and did as I was told.

�You will be spanked into submission each time I meet with you and then you will do as told.�

�Yes Miss Tammy,� I answered sheepishly.

I spread my legs a bit and lay in the position I took for spanking. I did not have to wait long before the first swing came, then another and another.

I subconsciously counted 15 before she stopped and rubbed my ass. �Do you feel you are ready to serve my needs today?�


�I don�t think so,� and another five were given.

�Do you feel submissive to me, now?�

�Yes, Miss Tammy.�

�Get on your knees before me.�

I got on my knees and kept my eyes downcast.

She ask me if I wanted to taste her?

Suddenly, I realized I did.

�Yes, Miss Tammy may I taste of you?�

�Not yet, I want you to spread yourself for me to taste you first.�

I stood without question and laid on the bed and spread my legs raising my knees up and open for her to taste me. I knew I was wet from the spanking and submission.

She moved between my legs and began licking at my clit and inserting her tongue into my hole. She reached up and pinched my tits. I was really getting hot from this play and suddenly she stopped and told me enough for now. It was torment.

�Dinner should be ready and I think we need to have some dinner.�

We went downstairs and I was nude and she was still wearing her sheer robe. I served her dinner and I was shaky. I knew she had teased me enough to make me want more.

We ate dinner and talked like we always do about what we had been up to. I put everything in the dishwasher and then she led me upstairs by the hand again. This time she told me to lay on the bed. I through the comforter to one side. She told me to lay up on the pillow and get comfortable. She went to a bag she must have brought in and produced a dildo.

She began to straddle my face and told me to begin licking her clit. She bent down and licked mine also. The wetter I got the more I wanted to make her cum too. Soon it became obvious she would use the dildo inside my pussy. She slid it in easily due to my wetness. I fought to keep from letting go. She too was close to release in my mouth. I liked her taste as she began to get wetter each insert of my tongue. I found myself bucking and about to cum when she let go of herself in my mouth. I sucked and teased her clit till she could cum no more. She took the dildo from my pussy and rammed it into my ass as she inserted several fingers into my pussy and thumb on my clit. It was so intense that I came immediately. She pulled everything out and told me to roll over. I did not know what was next but my body still trembled. I suddenly felt the whip hit my backside.

�Don�t ever cum without permission again.�

�Yes, Miss Tammy. I am sorry.�

�Your punishment will be mild but if you don�t obey you feel much worse.�

It stung with every encounter to the skin. I felt it and yet I still knew I wanted to be punished and obey.

She let me up and told me to kneel facing the wall.

I did as I was told and felt her swing the whip a few more times to my back side. My arms hung loosely at my sides and my head was down as I took all she wanted to give to me. I had failed to please her and wanted to be punished and learn from this.

�Get up slave.�

I got up but kept my head down. I needed to learn what pleased her.

�Bend over the bed with your ass presented to me for use.�

I moved to the bed with my head still down and laid face down with arms above my head, ass in the air and legs spread.

I felt her crawling on the bed behind me. I felt a dildo slide easily into my pussy. I was still dripping wet. Then I felt something that felt like a cock entering my ass. I leaned into it and tried to allow it to enter easily but it was hurting. Suddenly it went in with a force. I realized it was a strap on.

�Hold the dildo in your pussy and prepare to be used like a slave is to be used. You may not get pleasure from this until I say so.�

I moved a hand beneath myself and held the vibrator/dildo into my pussy. The ass was getting used roughly by the strap on and I could feel my need for release and fought it. I wanted to release and cum.

�Don�t cum until I say so,� I was reminded.

I could not say a word for fear I would release.

�Do you desire to cum for your mistress?�

�Yes, very much so,� I answered.

�Good girl, hold off till I cum then you may cum.�

She was tearing my ass up with the dildo and I was so close to loosing it when I finally heard her release.

�May I cum now mistress?�

�Yes, cum!�

I did and shuttered with the strength of it. I could not quit shaking. She pulled out the dildo from my ass then removed the one from my pussy. �Relax now.�

I slumped forward and lay there convulsing. I felt such release.

She stroked my back as I lay there spent.

�Did you enjoy yourself?� she ask.

I thought for a moment and realized I did very much.

�Yes, very much.�

�Are you comfortable serving a woman as well as a man?�

�I don�t know. I have mixed feelings. I have served a woman at a man�s request and enjoyed doing it to please him. Now, I realize I enjoyed serving you as much as I did any man.�

�You are confused and that is understandable. You now know a side of me that is very private. You may choose to serve me or I will take what I want from you when I so choose it. It is your choice but you are now my sex slave to do with as I so choose. That may include sharing you with other women or men.�

�I understand and accept your use of me for your pleasure.�

�Think about it because when I so choose you will serve me. You need punishment regularly to keep you in the submissive role because you are so dominating in your regular life. Are you understanding, I am offering you here. I will use you and at times it may feel like abuse but it is nothing you can�t handle and don�t need. I get pleasure out of spanking and using the flogger on you so it will be done frequently and you on the other hand are very undisciplined and need a lot of discipline. I will use you and abuse you as often as I feel needed. Are you understanding that today has opened you up for me?�

�Does this mean you think I should not date men and just submit to you?�

�That will be your decision but at times when you get through with a date you will have to serve me too in the same night.�

�Can I have a Master and you?�

�I suppose but I will never touch him but he can watch how I handle you and the right man may even work as a team with me on your discipline and use.�

I lay there and had a million things running through my mind as she stroked my back. I knew I needed to get away and think about things. So, I told Tammy and Edwin whom I had been seeing and submitting to that I needed some time alone. I was required to tell them both where I was going but they both knew about the other and understood my confusion. Edwin liked the idea of me serving a woman as well as him. Tammy could care less as long as I was serving her needs.

So, I sit on the patio looking out at the water and wondering what I should do? Enjoy both of them or give up one for the other. I hear a knock on the door and figure it is the extra towels I had ordered. I open it to find both Tammy and Edwin standing there with towels in their hands.

�We understand you have ordered towels to be delivered,� Edwin says with a grin on his face.

�Come in you two.�

�Strip immediately!� Tammy and Edwin say simultaneously.

I don�t even think about it but do as I am told.

�Prepare for readiness,� Tammy says and I move to the bed and bend over presenting my ass.

It seems they both are hitting me with a paddle as I take it and feel a relief flowing through me. I don�t even count.

Spread your legs more for inspection comes from Edwin. He loves to explore his property as he puts it. He probes my holes and runs his hands up and down my body. Tammy while he is doing this is strapping on the dildo

Edwin lays down on the bed and tells me to mount his cock but bend forward. I do as told and she lubes my ass for entry too. I think they are going to tear me apart and say so only to find Tammy�s hand land hard on my ass and tell me I will be punished for that.

They go at me and I feel myself climbing. I want to cum from the intenseness of the use. I want to but don�t let myself feel pleasure without permission. Edwin can tell I am close and fighting it. He likes to tease me when I am in this state. He nibbles on my tits and then reaches down to rub my clit. I take a deep breath trying to resist. He likes it when I loose control because it gives him a reason to discipline me. I think I can resist no longer when I feel the shuddering of Tammy�s body and know she is releasing as it runs down onto my backside and legs. I let go and Edwin follows suit.

We lay in a jumbled heap on the bed.

�We both still owe you a punishment and will take it out on your ass but do you see how easy it will be to serve two? You must obey both of us and at times we will work together and at times it will be separately. It is something we both feel you want and need. How do you feel about it now?� Edwin ask.

I lay there so satiated. I know this is exactly what I desire and can�t believe I was worried about it. I like being used by two and it is comfortable that they both understand of the other. This is the first time we have done anything like this together but I have found I just want to please each of them, obey them and yes be disciplined by both of them. �Yes, I do want to serve both of you.�

�Good because we have something for you,� Tammy says as she presents me with a present.

I look at the two of them and you can tell they are waiting to see how I like it. I tear into the gift and find a beautiful sterling silver necklace/choker. Hanging from the choker is a ring with a charm/disc which on one side has a T and the other side E. On the inside of the choker is engraved �to our loving slave from Mistress Tammy and Master Edwin.

I am crying and holding the gift up looking at it. They could not have given me something more special if they had tried. It was symbolic of being collared but yet no one in the outside world would know because of the design of it. I held it out and let Tammy fasten it around my neck. It fit comfortably and I wondered how in the world they knew my size. Edwin walked forward and attached a leash to the collar. It was very symbolic and touching to me. I now knew I belonged to the two of them completely to be their sexual slave for use and abuse as they saw fit.

We spent the rest of the weekend bonding. I did get my punishment from both of them as well as individual sessions and joint. It was a weekend that settled my issue completely and made me complete.

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Fuck it like its hot 2 #312


Hans was engaged to Sola, they were to be married in the near future, but until that time, Hanz spent much of his time at Sola's home. Under that roof, Hanz got along well with the family, but one sister, Cynth, was a real bitch. She was well liked because of her looks and personality, but Hanz knew her insincerity and there was a mutual dislike. The subtle animosity would spill over as times Cynth would run her mouth too much for her own good.

Cynth was a stunning physical beauty that had long brown/black hair that fell over a tanned body. 5'4'' and 105lbs, she was slim, slender and had legs that were long and bronzed. She didn't have much of a chest, but her overall athletic build gave her an edge of raw sexuality/energy that made you stare at her firm, tight ass as she walked by. Despite her physical beauty, Hans never liked her as a person. She was very opinionated and based many ideals on pure subjectivity. Her mouth was always open, gaping for the world to see, Hans would devise a plot to humble this bitch and make her eat her words.....and more!

The plan was set, since Hans spent much of his time at Sola's home, he had a spare key made so he could come and go as he pleased. He knew that Cynth was at home until the afternoon most days as everyone else was off at work. Her daily schedule would be that she get up, eat and then take a shower before heading off for classes. The plan was set, Hans would wait for everyone to leave and while she takes a shower, enter the home unsuspectingly and let his own primal urges take over.

The next day, the plan was like clockwork. The family left for a day's work and Cynth's car was still in the driveway. After waiting a bit, Hans decided to enter the house via her backdoor! As he entered he heard the upstairs t.v. on and someone eating, 20mins passed as Cynth shuffled from the kitchen to her bedroom getting ready for her morning shower. He crept up the stairs and positioned himself for the first phase of his dark fantasy.

He could see into her room from the livingroom. She was getting undressed and singing in the mirror. Cynth was a bit of a narcisist, admiring her lovely lines and toned body. Her tank top popped off and revealed her small pert titties. Walnut brown and bigger than quarters, her nipples complimented her skin. She seems a bit embarassed by their size, but she plays with them and pushes them together trying to imagine how her body would look with a bigger rack on her incredible chassis. The songs pushes along and she jumps on the bed in only her thong now and gyrates to the music, kind of like how a stripper would grind to the music. "Oh my gawd" Hans thought, she was actually dry humping to the beat and moaning. This little slut was pretending she was riding cowgirl on some ficticious cock; "just wait baby, fiction becomes reality!" Finally, she finishes the song and jumps off the bed and removes her thong. Out pours a thick black thatch of pubic hair. It doesn't seem to be trimmed, but is growing in an upside down triangular shape and covers much detail as far as Hans could peep. He hides behind the wall as she skips off to the bathroom nude to cleanse herself of filth.

The shower commences and phase 2 kicks in to place. The main washroom has a main entrance from the hallway and a secondary entrance from the master bedroom in an indented corner in the bathroom. Hans tried both doors and found they were both locked. So he picks the secondary door and proceded to enter the washroom under a cloak of secrecy. Peering around the corner and off the mirror he can see her lathering up, soaping her tiny figure and foaming up her hair. "Ahhh" Hans thought, "she does trim the hedges". After her cleansing ritual came the razors. She carefully shaved the outer edges of her pubic region, being ever so careful, each stroke revealed more and more of her slit and lips. Her fingers were meticulously prepping and stretching her soft area making sure everything was smooth to her (his?) touch. In his twisted mind, everything was done for his approval, this whole show of stripping, showering and shaving was for his own sinful pleasure and he would make her pay for the viewing fees!!!

The shower ended and he ducked back behind the corner, phase 3 was inches away, his heart was pounding and penis pulsating at the sites he has enjoyed. Stroking his cock, he could hear the glass door slide open, he could picture her drying herself off and her thinking how this day would be like any other. Stupid, stupid bitch! Wrong again as usual, but instead of a war of words, his "sword" will defile what he wanted to shut all along, her asshole.

As she stepped out of the shower, she had her head wrapped in the towel to dry off her hair. Hans quickly appeared from behind the corner and wrestled both wrists and handcuffed them behind her back while forcing her on her face and knees. She screamed, but was muffled by the fact that the towel was still draped over her face, he quickly tied a loose knot around her whole head to conceal himself from her eyes. Now bound, hooded and on her knees, she was finally vulnerable for a proper reBUTTal. Oh, she was glistening from her shower, still moist from the steam which meant Hans didn't need lube, her ass was for the taking. High in the air, her ass begged to be violated and he obliged. Cynth let off a loud scream as he inched his cock into her ass. As much as she could imagine sex, she never could have collected the stretching and tearing that this act could promise. Hans moved his dick all the way in, trying to enlarge her very tight area. He pulled it out and she exhaled with a whimper, there was great difficulty in breaking her ass. Instead, he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy for a minute, she was gasping the whole time, trying to determine whether to scream or bask in the pleasure. Then, without hesistation, Hans pulled his cock out and rammed his sword deep inside her asshole with one stroke. She pierced the air with her shrills, but he stuffed her mouth full of towel. Pumping in and out of her ass, he could feel the tight squeeze on his manhood. Grabbing her cheeks and spreading them wide, he could see the effects of his 6in. penis on her tight little shit hole. There was no regret or remorse in his actions, her moans were a metronome for his thrusts. Hans thought of making her anus the size of her mouth, big, gaping and full of stuffing. As he pulled out, he could see that her ass was obliterated. He could see deep in her cavity and her rectum was blown wide open. With this, he stroked inside and exploded with great fury into her inner sanctum. Streams of cum spewing from his cock into her ass, he wasn't even sure if she was still conscious, but he was moaning in delight. As he pulled out, drips of cum were going from his tip into her ass. He could see that much of it was gone, probably deep within her ass (it'll be inside her for days). Satisfied of his revenge, he carried her off to bed and unlocked her hands.

Days after, Hans met Cynth and she seemed almost in a stupor. Apparently she had awoken much later in the day and felt something had happened (her ass hurt), but at the same time felt dreamlike and repressed some of the events. For now, she is a victim of her reality/fantasy and will never know the better, but if her mouth matches her ass again....LOOK OUT!

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Ass fun #545


It started with a care package in the mail...

I was going to be gone for about 6 weeks and he sent me a few thinks I needed and a few extra things to include a webcam.

He always loved watching me... playing with myself or even with other people. He would send me stories, pictures and movies of us or other

people. I would get home from school and find these in my mail box and go thru them, I guess a sort of warm up. We would get online later at night

and switch on the webcams. I would tell him what I liked and what got me turned on. We would watch each other as we talked back and forth. I

loved watching him touch himself as we talked. Things would get hotter and we would end up cumming on cam for each other. I loved watching

the cum flow out of his cock as he watched me.

One night he sent me a new yahoo name (______) and password and told me to log on with that, I did as he told me. He sent me a message

from a new account (_______) that said it is me. We talked for a while then he sent me some pictures of a guy jerking off to a computer screen

which my boyfriend had pasted pictures of me on it. He asked what I thought of it. I told him that I liked the guy's big, hard cock and liked the idea

of the man jerking off to me. He told me to spread my legs and touch myself. He started talking about me giving a webcam show for a man, my

boyfriend telling me what to do as the man watches. I was wet instantly and came a few times in a matter of minutes. He said you liked that didn't

you... yes I replied. You you like to try it for real? My pussy said yes but I don't know came from my lips. Yes or No he said...

Yes came from my lips this time... he started talking about men watching me and jerking off. He asked me questions that I had to answer... my hand and vibrator were on my pussy and I started cumming again.

Are you ready he asked...

For what? I replied

To give your show...

Now? To WHO?

Are you ready he said...

Yes came from my mouth again...

Good, point the camera down your body. You are going to get an IM from some one... add the name to your list and allow them to view your


BUT... I stammered

Yes or No...

I pointed the camera down to hide my face.

We talked for a bit and he said he was going to ask if I was sure and ready for this but my hand rubbing my pussy answered those questions.

I let out a nervous laugh and said my pussy is ready.

A moment later a request to chat popped up on the screen... I couldn't believe this was happening, it was from "_____"

I click ok a couple times for chat and cam but nothing came from him.

I don't know if this is working...

It is... he says, he can see you... and that you are very hot, just as I had told him.

He can really see me?

Yes, we are watching you right now.

My pussy flooded from the thought...

Does he have a webcam? Can I see him?

Yes he has one but depending on how well you do depends on if I let you watch him. Now spread your legs and show us your pussy.

I did as I was told... I so wanted to see who was at the other end, to watch him stroking his cock.

You little slut, look how wet your pussy is.

Are you a little slut? YES!

Whose little slut are you? Your's Sir!

What will you do for me... for us? Anything you want me to Sir!

Good girl...

Cum for me... cum for us.. tell us when you cum

and I did... the thought of being watched sent me over the edge... I pressed the vibrator hard against my clit... my body tightened and I came hard

leaving a wet sticky puddle on the chair.

He wants to see your pussy getting fucked, get some thing and fuck your pussy for us.

With what?

Your hair brush...

I did as I was told. I went and found my hair brush and then settled back into the chair.

Good girl... now spread your legs wide for us. Slide the handle deep inside baby.

It slided into my sloppy wet pussy with easy. I pushed it as far as it would go, right to the bristles. I pushed my hips down towards my hand to try to

take more and push it as deep as it would go. I could feel it hitting me deep inside, I could feel the bristles rubbing against my clit and pussy lips.

A grunt came from my throat and I started to wiggle my hair brush against my cervix. The coarse bristles poking my lips and clit.

Fuck yourself hard for us baby as we stroke ourselves watching you I heard from the computer speakers.

That is when the handle hit my gspot, I started thrusting in short, hard strokes against the little raised bump just inside my pussy.

My ass raised off the chair, my body stiffened...

We wish we were there to jerk off all over you baby.... we are ready to cum right now.

He knew this would push me over the edge, I love it when a man cums, love to watch it... love to feel it hit my body.

I pushed hard against my clit as I peaked the pulled it out quickly, my squirting orgasm landed on the brush, my hand and down my thighs.

I'm so proud of my little slut, such a good girl.

Thank You Sir...

That almost made us cum baby, very hot.... now show him a little of what your pussy can take.. show him how many fingers you can put inside...

Yes Sir, I was so wet and aroused that three fingers glided inside me without effort.

That's a girl, fist your pussy for us. I slide the fourth finger then my thumb inside... he talked me thru it, telling me to push, harder and deeper... he

told me that they were stroking their hard cocks watching me... my hand slide in to my wrist... you like your pussy being full don't you baby?

Yes I loved having my pussy full...

What do you want baby?

I want it full of cock.. I want to be full of cock and cum... I want cum all over me...

You just made him cum baby!.

The fullness, him telling me that and the idea of being watched gave me an orgasm like never before... I thought I was going to blackout... I tried to

pull my hand from my pussy but my pussy was clamping down on my hand.

Pull your hand out now slut! Again, I did as I was told... I thought it was going to turn me inside out.... I squirted all over the chair, the desk and floor...

I heard him cumming as I slumped into the chair....

_______ is now offline...

Damn it... where did he go?

You OK baby? he asked

Yes, exhausted.. woreout...

I could tell you enjoyed that... I want you to take some pictures for me and then send them... you know how I like that...

I will, I promise....What happened to the guy?

Never mind that for now... take some pictures and send them to me ...

Yes Sir..

I did as I was told...

We talked after and he told me how hot and sexy I looked and how much he loved me. I asked about the other guy but he told me in due time... I went to bed thinking about what had just happened...

Do you want to add to this?... where does this lead?... I have a few ideas but would like your input...

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Fuck it like its hot #577


Linda sat there in the waiting room with her Master beside her, he had threatened her with the visit to the doctor if she didn't relax when he fucked her ass and now he had run out of patience.

He had arranged it all, made all the phone calls and now here she was, her stomach churning and waiting with trepidation.

The receptionist called her name and they both stood up and she followed her Master along the corridor and stopped outside the door that read Dr Southern.

George turned the handle and they both went inside the room, there sat at his desk was the Doctor, he looked up as they entered. "Good morning, please take a seat". They both sat down.

"How may I help you?" he asked. George started to talk, Linda sat with her head bowed.

"Linda has a problem Doctor" he said, "she has a practically virgin ass hole, I have only attempted to fuck it once but it caused her to bleed and now I feel unless this is sorted that I cannot fuck her, she will not relax and I want to fuck her and I have been told that you are the person that will get Linda the treatment to enable me to fuck her ass. She has been a good slut but this is causing me a problem and will eventually make me get rid of her, which would be a shame as she is very willing and able to gratify me in other ways"

"Well yes George, there are treatments that can solve this problem but is it what Linda

wants?" the Doctor said.

George quickly answered "My slut is here to please me, it does not matter what she wants".

The Doctor looked at Linda but she kept her head bowed.

"We can start the treatment today if that is your wish, it will be a week long treatment and for that time, you will be unable to attempt ass fucking during that time, I am willing to solve this problem if that is what you both want?" the Doctor stated.

George replied, "The sooner the better, she is long overdue."

The Doctor reached into his drawer and took out a pad and started writing notes, He turned to Linda "strip off all your clothes" he said.

Linda stood and removed her blouse, braless as usual when she was with her Master, slipped out of her skirt again without panties, she stood naked in front of the Doctor.

"Assume position one" George said. Linda looked at Master questioningly. Did he mean to have her be his slave while she was here in front of this Doctor?

"Position one slut" and she knew by the tone in his voice that yes he did.

She put her hands on her head and spread her legs, this was the position that he had taught her as number one in the time that he had been training her.

The Doctor turned to George, "She is well trained". George replied "She is a willing learner, we still have a long way to go but I will finish it now if she cannot get help which will allow me to fuck her ass hole"

"Well I will see what I can do" the doctor said.

The Doctor came round to her and with his stethoscope he listened to her heart which was beating fast through anticipation of the Doctor�s procedure which she had yet to find out but knew that it was going to be painful. She was so ashamed that she could not please her Master and stretch her ass hole to take his cock deep within her. He had penetrated her a little but for some reason, she could not take him without screaming out her safe word and she knew that she would lose his guidance if she could not open her ass hole for him.

The Doctor took her pulse and put a thermometer in her mouth, noting down the results on the pad on which he was scribbling furiously. George sat in his chair watching the procedures admiring his slut for standing there so openly naked, knowing how embarrassed she was and enjoying her embarrassment.

"I need an anal temperature reading, do you think she will be able to take a thermometer up her ass?" the Doctor asked George

"I am sure that she could with some discomfort, assume position two slut" George replied.

Linda obediently bent over again with legs spread, knees straight, reaching round with her hands to open the cheeks of her ass, offering the Doctor a view of her ass hole. The Doctor took a slightly thicker thermometer and rubbed on some lube. He slid the thermometer into the ass hole feeling Linda flinch slightly as it went deep. The Doctor could see her ass hole contracting trying to expel the instrument. "She needs to release the hands so that her anus can grip" the Doctor said.

"Ok slut, touch your toes and don't let that thing come out of your ass or I will punish you and you do not want the Doctor to see how I punish you do you slut?" George announced.

For the first time since they had entered the surgery, Linda spoke, "No Master".

She released her ass cheeks and she strained her muscles contracting them to keep in the glass tube that was invading her ass.

The Doctor sat at his desk writing notes, asking questions of George regarding Linda's general health while Linda was bent over with the thermometer in her ass. After about five minutes, the doctor reached into her ass and pulled out the thermometer, noting down the reading.

"Up on the exam table now please" the Doctor said. "Legs in the stirrups and arms above your head".

"Do as the Doctor says" George ordered and Linda got up on the table and put her ankles into the stirrups and her arms above her head, she knew that she was presenting an open picture of her genitals to both of the men.

"I am going to physically examine Linda now" the doctor said. "I will need to call in a nurse to help" He presses a button on his desk and spoke into it announcing that he required a nurse in his examination room. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door and a nurse walked into the room.

"Thank you nurse, Linda will be having anal stretching treatment but first I need to do a full physical" the Doctor said.

"Yes Doctor" the nurse replied. The nurse went to the cupboards and started to fill a tray with a variety of instruments, Linda could hear the metal hitting the tray as she laid them onto it.

"I think I have everything Doctor" the nurse said.

"Ok, we will begin, do you have a number one plug ready?" said the Doctor.

"Yes" she replied.

The Doctor came alongside the table and felt Linda's neck and down her body, Linda shivering with her nakedness and the Doctor's touch. He reached her tits and with his hands started to manipulate them, rolling them between his palms, he turned to the nurse "To save time, if you could do her other breast, then it will not take as long, I do have a line of patients waiting"

"Yes Doctor" So the nurse went to the opposite side of the table and copied each movement that the Doctor administered. The circular movements continued until he reached her nipples and he took the nipple in between his finger and thumb and tweaked it a little, Linda used to this did not move but her cunt creamed a little.

"Her nipples are responsive but she does not seem to mind the pressure" he said to George.

"She is a pain slut, you really do have to grip the nipple to get some reaction.�

The Doctor gripped harder and watched as Linda grimaced. The nurse was following the Doctors every move. Tighter and tighter the doctor gripped and soon Linda was squirming

with the pain. "Good" said the Doctor, "Now we are getting some reaction."

The Doctor and the nurse continued with the nipple examination, turning them left and right, twisting them totally around until Linda was biting her lip with the pain. He released the nipples to Linda's relief and moved between her legs, "I need the legs open wider nurse" he said and she cranked open the apparatus until Linda presented her legs to his satisfaction. he pulled up a stool and sat between opening her labia lips, "A responsive clit I see, is this the largest it grows" he asked of George.

George got up from his seat and went over to the table and he peered between Linda's legs and took her clit in his fingers, tweaked it and said "Yes".

�It is still a little small, I have seen larger, I can show you how to make it learn to grow larger if you wish" the Doctor said. George said "That would be useful"

"Ok when I have finished the internal and started the treatment, we will discuss it"

The Nurse handed the Doctor a pair of clips and the Doctor attached them to the labia lips and it allowed him to keep open the lips giving him access to her cunt hole. He snapped onto his hands the latex gloves the nurse had already given him and inserted two fingers straight into her cunt, "I thought I might have had to lube but she is very wet already" the Doctor said.

"She always is Doctor, she regularly leaves wet spots" said George.

The Doctor probed and prodded her cunt hole, inserting a third finger and then a fourth before withdrawing and taking a speculum that the nurse was holding out to him. The cold metal slipped easily into Linda's cunt hole, the sudden cold making her squirm.

"Don't make me tie you down slut, stop squirming, you know that this is for your benefit" her Master growled.

Linda lay trying to keep still eventually relieved that her inner body was warming up the cold instrument. All three of them were having a good view of her cunt hole.

"Nurse, you have not swabbed a vagina before, if George does not mind, I will allow you to take the swab needed for the laboratory, it will be good for your training". the Doctor looked at George.

"Of course, I don't mind" George replied. The Doctor got up from the stool and the Nurse took his place, she took a swab from its protective wrapping and peered into the cunt hole opened wide by the speculum. She had read the books and was hoping that she would be able to put into practice what she had learnt.

The Doctor turned to George, "Your slut may feel some discomfort with this procedure"

"No problem" George replied, "If she does not cooperate then I will punish her."

The Nurse inserted the swab and has she had read, she reached into Linda's cunt hole feeling for the cervix buried deep and rubbed it against the flesh, Linda could feel it digging into her internally and could not prevent herself from moving as the Nurse seemed to be scraping her inside.

"Stop moving slut" she heard George say "You are not to move while the Nurse does her job, you have earned six lashes for that"

Linda was doing her best to stay still as the nurse took the swab and was relieved as she felt it being removed.

"Well done Nurse, although a little brutal, that was not bad for your first time" said the Doctor.

"Thank you Doctor, I really will have to practice a little more" she said." I have only ever done a penile swab before and the Doctor that was allowing me to practice on him also said I was a little heavy handed"

The Doctor looked at Linda and said" I want you to get on your elbows and knees now and then we can investigate the problem of your anus"

Linda rolled over with the speculum still inside her cunt and got into the position that the Doctor had told her, he was adjusting her position by opening her knees further stretching them wider apart, lowering her upper body so that her tits brushed the leather on the table.

"These marks on her ass, did you inflict them George?" he asked.

"Yes" she answered "She was not a good girl this morning and would not deep throat my cock so I insisted and then punished her for it"

"Right" he said "Lets see just how tight her anus is"

He put some lube on his fingers and rubbed it into the gloves and slowly inserted one finger. "My god, she is tight" he exclaimed, "We could do surgery but I would like to try and stretch it without resorting to anything so drastic, as I have said I would expect you to refrain from

trying anal sex for one week but that does not mean that here will be nothing inside her"

"That is fine" said George, "I know I will enjoy the end result".

"Number one butt plug please Nurse" said the Doctor and she handed him a small butt plug and using two fingers of one hand he opened the crack of her ass cheeks and shoved the plug

in deep enough to allow the muscles to close round it, Linda let out a high pitched squeal.

The Doctor looked at the Nurse "Did you lube it before I inserted it?" he asked.

"Oh Doctor, I forgot" she replied.

The Doctor opened the crack of Linda's ass and made sure that she was retaining the plug. He turned to George, "While we are here looking, I need to know approximately how much you would like her to be open, would you agree about the same as the hole that she has with the speculum in her cunt?"

"Oh no" said George, "I want her wider".

"So if I open the speculum wider until you agree what you would want and then I can prescribe the correct apparatus for her"

"That would be fine" George answered.

The doctor turned the screw on the speculum opening Linda's cunt wider and Linda was feeling being stretched . When she thought that she could take no more, she heard her Master say" There that would be fine, its a little wider than my cock but it should do".

"Right, now we know what she has to aim for" said the Doctor. He slowly unscrewed the speculum and removed it from her cunt and Linda's body relaxed.

The doctor went and sat at his desk, writing up his notes and George started to play with Linda's genitals. The nurse was re- arranging the instruments.

"May I ask you something Doctor while we are here?" said George

"Of course" he replied.

"Linda accepts her whippings quite well but how do I know when I should stop, although sometimes a little uncooperative, I would not want to hurt her and disable her so that I could not use her again"

"Well, just how red does her ass get?"

"Oh sometimes quite red, especially with the cane, the strokes leave marks that last a few days but I just need to know how much I can give her" asked George.

"Each individual has a pain threshold different from another, take my Nurse for example, I have had to discipline her for being late and she has quite a high pain threshold, she has reached thirty strokes of my crop the last time she was late and was still able to work all day, although she did have trouble sitting down" he laughed.

"I have never tried thirty on Linda" George said.

"We could try her now, you have already said that she must be punished for squirming and I must punish my nurse for not lubricating the butt plug, so we could do it here and now and test Linda's tolerance"

"Thank you Doctor" that would be very useful.

The Doctor went to another cupboard and produced a crop and a cane.

He gave the crop to George and he took the cane. "Nurse bend over the desk" George watched as the nurse bent over, her elbows lay on the desk, forcing her ass into the air, the doctor lifted her skirt and pulled down her white panties.

George took his position, enjoying the flexibility of the crop as he practise swung through the air. He saw the Doctor swing the cane and caught the Nurses ass hard and he followed suit using the crop on Linda's ass.

Both men swung until the arms ached and each of their victims had received thirty strikes. Although the welts on Linda's ass were less red than the cane had inflicted on the Nurses ass, George was proud that Linda had not cried out with his merciless beating. When the Nurse had cried out at the pain that she was receiving, and as the cane was much more pain inflicting, the doctor had stuffed the nurses panties in her mouth to prevent others hearing what was going on, after all he did not want to frighten his patients away.

When both the men were satisfied with the inflictions that they had produced, they put down the instruments of pain. "Ok, both of you turn and face the wall, I want to see your reactions to the beatings, nurse, tuck your skirt in your waist band. Hands on your head both of you"

George went and sat at the desk with the doctor and he enjoyed the view presented to him of the two bright red asses, the welts appearing more to redden.

The Doctor continued to write his notes.

"Now that butt plug will remain in for twenty four hours, I will give you a prescription to go and pick up another six, each will be bigger than the last, each morning after your morning fuck remove the old one and insert the next size, I will see you again in a week and when you remove the largest one, you will be able to fuck her ass hole for the first time, that I will expect you to do here so I can investigate the after effects, as we are stretching her slowly, she will be open for you from that time and anal sex will not be a problem, she will always close up a little, so she will be always a little tight but your cock will be able to stretch her, I cannot guarantee it but feedback from my other patients who have had this treatment, their partners have said that it is like fucking a virgin vagina each time that they anal fuck.�

George listened intently, he could not wait for that, his slut would please him for a while yet until he was tired of her.

The Doctor continued. "Your slut is slightly overweight and I would like to recommend that you take her to the gym and get her in shape, I would recommend this gym as they have special methods to tone the bust which is what she needs, they will also not allow her to flinch from any exercise that they want her to have, they have ways of making her work, you can of course accompany her and take part and also allow them to exercise her"

"That would be very good Doctor" George replied "I do think that with encouragement Linda could make more of her body and be more flexible for some of the positions that I would want to progress to"

�Her clit as we have already discussed is not very big, there are ways of stretching it, I would suggest that you attach a clip maybe one hour a day and hang weights, you can buy them from a fishing store, progressively making each heavier, this will stretch it and you may stop whenever you wish but previous clients have decided to make it hang below the labia lips, allowing better access to it at all times.�

�Thank you Doctor, I will try that� George said

"If you have any problems, do not hesitate to give me a call, here is my mobile, you may call me at any time and if more convenient for you, I can make a house call and help solve any problems that you may have".

"Thank you Doctor" George said taking the gyms phone number and the Doctor's card. He also took the prescription the doctor passed him.

"The Chemist next door, will have the appliances you require for the next week", he said.

"We will go and get them when we leave here" said George.

Both women were in the same position throughout this conversation. George turned to Linda "You may dress now" and Linda retrieved her clothes and both men watched as she dressed the Nurse staying in her position.

"May I go now Doctor" she said.

"No, I haven't finished with you yet, stay where you are".

George and Linda left the room, she walking behind him rubbing her ass cheeks, feeling the heat through her skirt from her beating and aware of the plug deep in her ass.

She followed George to the chemist and he handed in her prescription. There were about six others waiting. They stood and waited for it to be filled, he backed her into a corner and felt under her skirt, checking that the butt plug was still in place and rubbing her ass cheeks, stimulating the pain to the area.

She heard her name being called and they went to the counter, the chemist turned to her, he said "Is the first size inserted?"

"Yes" she whispered.

He shouted over his shoulder, "Ok you can take number one out of the box, she already has it inserted" and he went to the back of the counter and returned with a box clearly marked anus plugs.

She blushed as she saw the other customers looking at her and she hurriedly took the box from him and George led her out of the shop.

They returned to the car and she gingerly sat as George made himself comfortable, he unzipped his trousers and pulled her head towards his cock and forced it deep into her mouth dialling a number on his mobile, she heard him make an appointment at the gym for the following day but that was another story, he came deep into her mouth as he reversed the car out of the parking pace and they drove all the way back with his cock and cum deep in her mouth.

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пятница, 23 ноября 2007 г.

Asian beavers #462


The USF George S. Patton Jr. hurtled through space at incredible speeds. Silent and seemingly lifeless, it rotated slowly, a giant drum on four spindles and a central stem of polished steel. The stem was composed of mostly engine, with a rotating bridge at the front of the ship, and round thin fins at the rear. The drum was composed of sleeping and working quarters. It spun at a slow rate to maintain gravity on the long trip ahead of it. The four spindles looked delicate from the front or rear, but a side view showed them to be massive, and structurally sound, like the conning tower on a nuclear submarine. The spindles attached the drum to the central ship. The ship itself could detach from the drum for planetary landings, or in case of emergencies, make the rotating drum a safe rotating satellite which could maintain itself indefinitely.

Areas like the bridge used an artificial gravity, but the energy required to maintain such gravity was enormous. So such gravity was limited to the bridge itself and a few critical areas such as laboratories and the medical unit. All other areas were subject to spinning gravity or weightlessness. This made frame 35-475-0-A , the hold of the ship, one of the most popular places on the ship. It was an excellent place for weightless basketball, weightless football passing, and weightless sex. It seemed that the only one who didn�t know this was Jack Martin, captain of the Patton.

The Patton was en route to Wolf 359, a planet 7.7 light-years from Earth. The Patton had been en route to Wolf for over six years. At just under the speed of light, they had three more years until they reached it if they stayed on course. The Captain wanted to make sure they did. Ensign Clark was a navigator, the best on the Patton, in the Captain�s opinion. Of course her firm breast and long red hair had something to do with his opinion.

�Ship, I need to see Ensign Clark please.�

�Aye, Captain,� the computer said. An image of Ensign Clark suddenly appeared on the large view screen at the front of the bridge. She was facing the nearest camera. She looked like a magnificent Medusa, with her red hair straying out in all directions, as she slowly rotated in front of the camera. Her knees were pulled up beneath her. Her naked breast bounced as a man fucked her from behind. They were both floating far above the hold deck. Wooden crates and plastic stasis packs littered the area below. Captain Martin blinked several times, then gasped as what he saw imprinted itself on his mind.

�Computer, end transmission,� he said hurriedly. Only Dr. Carrie Dillion remained on watch. She blinked at the screen slowly, then turned, giving him a sensuous smile.

�You did ask to see her,� Carrie giggled.

�Yes, I know,� Captain Martin said in a tired voice. �Sometimes I feel so damn old.�

�Fifty isn�t old. You have a lot of admirers on the ship,� Carrie said.

�Like Doctor Ramstein, the oldest living scientist on your team. Hell, the oldest in space anywhere.�

�No, I was thinking of somebody a little younger. Thirty perhaps.�

�Who the hell would that be . . . you?� he asked nervously.

�Yes, actually.�

�You can�t be serious. Why look at me and look at you. I�m a wrinkled old coot. You�re a goddess.�

�Oh, that does it,� she said, leaping to her feet. �I�m fucking you right here on the bridge,� she hurried to his chair. He looked at her with wide eyes, too frightened to move. �Computer, show the image of Ensign Clark again, and lock down the bridge,� she said as she approached the Captain.

�I don�t . . . I . . . My god,� he said as Dr. Dillion opened her blouse and dropped it on the deck. Her beautiful bulging breasts were magnificent in her lacy white bra. She reached behind herself and released the bra. Captain Martin ogled her breasts for a moment, then his eyes went to the front of the bridge. That was no better. He now had a magnificent view of Ensign Clark slowly rotating forward in space. He was viewing her back and ass. A young man was pumping his long cock into her pussy with great vigor, while holding her hips in a firm grip so she wouldn�t fly away. Her ass was forced out of shape momentarily, then jiggled back into shape before he slammed his hips back into her ass again.

�Zero gravity does horrible things to a woman�s figure,� Captain Martin mumbled.

�Yes it does, especially over a long period of time,� Dr. Dillion said as she unzipped his jumpsuit. He looked down to find her completely naked. He averted his eyes for a moment, then took a closer look. She was beautiful. Not just her face, she was beautiful everywhere.

�My god,� he whispered in awe.

�Help me with this thing,� she said angrily. He stood and she pulled the zipper all the way down. Before he could sit, she yanked his jumpsuit down around his ankles. She yanked open his shorts and claimed his throbbing cock in her warm, greedy hands. With a smile of anticipation, she sank her head into his lap and clamped her lips over his cock. He hissed and came up off the chair. His eyes went back to Ensign Clark on the view screen. He was seeing her from below now. She was holding her knees up beneath her abdomen. He could clearly see the man�s cock sliding in and out of Ensign Clark�s pussy. She had a large pussy with a fringe of brown hair.

�Oh, oh, Ohhhh,� he moaned as her exquisite lips slid up and down his cock. Was there a better feeling in the entire universe? It had been so long since he had felt lips like those on his cock.

�That feels like heaven,� he said in a whisper. Her eyes lit up as she looked up at him. He had never realized that her eyes were so blue. A Captain got little sex on a trip, and not all that much between trips. Only a woman who liked her privacy would marry a ship�s captain. A woman who loved things, rather than men. Like his wife, the ice queen. She collected stuff, his stuff and her stuff. It was all bought with his Captain�s pay. If she was lucky he would die a horrible death and provide her with a large life insurance policy.

�Fucking bitch,� he growled.

�What!� Dr. Dillion was outraged.

�Not you, my wife,� he said with a laugh. �You, my dear, are absolutely perfect. In fact I just decided to get a divorce.�

�That�s good news,� she said with a smile before closing her lips over his cock once more.

She bobbed up and down on his cock, spreading fire between his legs. This was the first trip with civilians in the crew. There was a law against a captain fraternizing with officers who worked for him. On a ship that was the only kind of officers he met. But civilians were open territory. He planned on spending a lot of time going through their ranks after today.

�Let�s make love,� he whispered. She climbed to her feet. She sank her naked ass down onto his lap. �Oh yes,� he gasped as her hot pussy slid down over his throbbing manhood. Inch by inch was encased in her hot, moist flesh. An ungodly heat enthused his loins as she sank completely over his throbbing penis. She settled with a little wiggle of her ass, and just sat enjoying the feeling of his throbbing flesh filling her hungry pussy.

�Bridge, turn off the artificial gravity,� Dr. Dillion spoke softly.

�Yes, doctor.� They felt the difference immediately. Like a car speeding over a sharp hill, their hair lifted and the blood rushed to their heads. They began drifting out of the chair, as Dr. Dillion gently rose and fell in his lap. He clasped his hands around her waist and drove her back down on his penis as she rose. In a moment their actions blended into one easy, gentle movement. Neither had to strain as she bounced on his lap.

Once again Captain Martin�s eyes went to Ensign Clark on the screen. They were now doing a 69 as they slowly rotated in space. �I hope he didn�t cum in her before he started that,� Captain Martin whispered.

�Some men don�t care. Some men like the taste of their own sperm.�

�You�re kidding,� Captain Martin made a face.

�No, not at all. And I�ve never met a woman who didn�t like her own flavor.�

He slid his hand between her legs, then raised it to her face. She moved to engulf his finger with her greedy lips. She sucked her juices, then smacked her lips.

�That is so fucking sexy,� he whispered.

His cock rentered her sweltering vagina, sliding all the way inside her very slowly. She slid his cock out, also slowly, then sank back down again. Once his cock was fully inserted, she sat for a moment, then slowly began sliding forward and back on his cock. This was perfect. It was more stimulation for her, and less for him. Anything else would have caused him to orgasm instantly. He laid back and let her control their lovemaking. She was very good at it. Her pussy was extremely wet, and so hot he could hardly stand it. He had fucked a woman with a fever once, and Dr. Dillion�s was similar. The heat and moisture were just incredible. Her pussy made a wet, swishing sound as it slid on his cock. Her almost hairless pubes felt good against his pelvis. And those breasts! How could a woman be so perfect? As Dr. Dillion began whimpering, he knew she was having an orgasm. He gasped in alarm. In desperation he tried to lift and lower her on his cock, but it was too late. She came with a shudder and a scream. With her back arched and head thrown back, she shuddered and cried until her orgasm abated. He sat watching in awe and disappointment.

�I don�t know any man who doesn�t like a hot, tight ass,� she smiled. "This is all for you," she mumbled over her shoulder. She lifted her pussy off his throbbing cock and grabbed his cock as she sank back down. He felt his head pressed against her anus. His eyes widened hopefully. He saw the look of pain cross her eyes as his cock penetrated her ass. She held her body still until her ass widened enough to let him in. With a hiss of pain, she drove her ass down on his cock, then squealed and paused, waiting. Just feeling her hot ass on his cock was almost enough to make him cum. But he held off through sheer will. He wanted to feel that hot anus bouncing on his cock. He wanted to feel it shooting thick cum up into her ass.

"Oh," she said uncertainly as she began riding up and down on his cock. He watched that perfect ass between his hands.

Captain Martin knew his cock was filling her virgin ass to the breaking point. He couldn't believe she was doing this for him, and he appreciated the gesture.

"Oh, I kind of like that," she said, turning her head slightly. "It feels kind of warm inside me," she admitted. He watched the gentle sway of that mane of blonde hair. He watched the perfectly formed rounded globes of her ass, and felt the intense heat of her ass enveloping his stiff cock. It was the best fuck of his life. Suddenly it was all too much. His balls clenched, filled with fire, and exploded. He pumped his load of hot cum into her ass and she cooed like a baby. She arched her back and leaned back against him. He inhaled the fragrance of golden hair and soft skin. He touched her body, then moved his hands to her breasts. He suddenly realized, by her movements on top of him, that her fingers were circulating in her pussy. It didn't take long for her to gain another orgasm. She lay panting for a moment, then pulled off his flaccid cock.

"Oh that was good," she smiled and kissed him. He wished that he could take the credit, but she had done all the work.

She sat looking down at him and he realized that she actually glowed, kind of like an angel. He also realized that he was he was floating up near the ceiling. So was every pen, piece of paper, electronic equipment, clothing, wrenches, and hair clips on the bridge.

�Oh god,� Dr. Dillion laughed.

�Computer, contact maintenance about a gravity malfunction on the bridge,� Captain Martin said as he retrieved his clothing. They were both fully clothed and dressed before maintenance arrived.

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